deskundig, onafhankelijk en betrouwbaar!

Bezoek Leibur Estland

Als onafhankelijk adviesbureau werd Bakkerijadvies in december 2005 en februari 2006 ingeschakeld bij het zoeken naar de oorzaken van het ontstaan van gaten in het casinobrood van Bakkerij Leibur te Tallinn in Estland.

Tijdens deze dagen was er veel overleg en was alle ruimte voor discussie, overleg en verschil van mening en inzicht.

Met veel plezier ben ik opnieuw betrokken geweest bij het zoeken naar de oorzaken en de bijbehorende mogelijke oorzaken. De slogan “the whole line is a hole line!” is met dit bezoek naar het rijk der fabelen verwezen!

P. Hallikas (directeur) gaf zijn mening over ons bezoek:

I write down some feedback concerning your two visits in Leibur in Estonia.
During your visit main target was to solve the problem in the structure of the toast bread. In the bread there was holes in the slides. We had small and big holes from one to four slides and in our toast there are 19 slides. Target was also to see are these holes coming from machines or from other things- raw materials, working methods and so on.

Some comments:

  • We can see that you are the real professional baker with large knowledge and experience. Therefore we had from our side many persons in tests with you. We thought that we can get training -  and this wish came trough
  • We like your way to make troubleshooting. You first analyze the current situation and then make the plan for tests.
  • Test making was very well done. In the plan only one parameter was changed so we good see what happened. Last time it was purpose to eliminate facts that did not effect to the structure in a bad way. In this way you found the key points and we could start to test in the moulders distance of last rollers and speed of the small belts without forgetting the dough and doughmaking.
  • You could solve the problem. In the tests on Thursday we got product without holes and we could repeat same quality in the next day, on Friday. During both visits Thursday was lucky day; good results was achieved trough the tests on Tuesday to Wednesday.
  • You make at the end summary and give practical advices how to continue and what to do if troubles appear.

I think that in our case these two visits were needed. We could see that the problem was coming from many things. There were things that were due to the machines and settings in them, but also vital thing was the dough and changes in the quality of the used flour. Also important thing was how well our people were trained to use the line.

The samples from Monday production show that parameters that we found give good quality products- there were no holes!

Now we hope that with your advices we can keep this quality. We continue to work to get better doughtolerance.  Thank you for your visits and we come back if we get problems that we can not solve by ourselves !

Best regards!
Pekka Hallikas